Trussville United Soccer Partners with Vestavia Hills Soccer Club

RE:  Trussville United partners with Vestavia Hills Soccer Club

Trussville United Soccer Club announced today that they have entered into an alliance with Vestavia Hills Soccer Club. This opportunity will enhance the Trussville United Soccer program by having additional resources available from Vestavia to assist with registration, tournaments, sponsorship, and on-field sessions and clinics. By sharing staff and resources with Vestavia, TUSC can provide an even better experience for all its players, and still keep the Trussville United identity that is so important. 

Trussville United President Eddy Nalley says

"These are very exciting times for our Trussville United family. This partnership will improve our member experience while helping our club grow. By merging the talents and experience from both organizations we have positioned ourselves to be the premier soccer destination in the area. ". 

VHSC President Frank Hernandez states

“This is a logical progression of soccer in the area-pooling resources to make everyone better, while at the same time helping local clubs be the best they can be."

For more information, see our FAQ below, and look for exciting staffing news coming soon!  

Click here to view the FAQ PDF

Q: Why would TUSC partner with VHSC?

A: For years, Trussville United has operated with volunteers to do such tasks as Tournament Director, Club Registrar, and Webmaster. Outsourcing these tasks to proven professionals will make the soccer experience better for all TUSC players.

Q: Why VHSC specifically?

A: Outside of being a leader in youth soccer development in Birmingham for over 40 years, VHSC has a regional reputation of excellence, on and off the field, that many clubs attempt to emulate. Located just a few exits down 459, they are the perfect neighbors for this partnership, with an exceptional staff with decades of experience.

Q: Will our fees be increased?

A: No

Q: Will our uniforms change?

A: No

Q: Will our name change?

A: No. In today's youth soccer landscape is it commonplace to "merge” or “take over" clubs with a name change, new uniforms, etc, TUSC and VHSC feel like this is not healthy for youth soccer. Clubs thrive on competition and identity.  This agreement sees TUSC continuing to thrive keeping its identity, with a new partnership.

Q: What benefits will TUSC families see?

A: You may have noticed our brand new club website, for starters. Our new Trussville Classic Tournament website is also up. We will enjoy improved communications, on field player clinics, coaching education, and a myriad of other benefits.

Q: Who should I contact with further questions?

A: Please contact us at with any questions you may have regarding our new partnership and all our programs!